Meet the shopkeeper: Hélène Rebelo from French online concept store Cool Machine

We chatted to Hélène Rebelo, co-founder of colourful and exciting French concept store Cool Machine.

Can you describe the world of Cool Machine for us?

With cool machine, we want to offer a different lifestyle than what we can see in general in French shops and in the street, an unconventional mode. We dare to propose more original pieces, quirky, colours and prints. This is a funky universe inspired by the 80s/90s and surely a more ‘Londonnien' style! 

What is your background and what inspired you to open a store like this? 

Edouard is a graduate of audio-visual - that allowed him to study all aspects of the business (photo, installation, video, sound, graphic design ) etc. He works part time for an international firm.
For me, I studied cosmetics. I was a makeup artist for some time and I still practice when I get the chance. I also worked in "haut de gamme" ready to wear clothing and I was fashion editor for the local TV of our region for a year. 
This is a project through which we express our passion for crafts, fashion, design, art, photography and web.

Where are you based?

We are based in France, in Tours center...a beautiful region known for the Loire Valley. 

We love the way that you present your products -Do you style and photograph these yourselves?

Yes, we do everything ourselves, what is the best way for us to be satisfied and this allows us to develop our identity as soon as we feel the need.

(See our recent feature in Armoire Magazine for more photography from Cool Machine)


Do you ever hold pop-up events where we can meet you?

When we can, we move to Paris for popup stores, luckily we don’t live very far away. We also do regular sales in Tours in partnership with our cool hairdressers The Capillarium.
You can also find a selection of our products in the Canon Concept in Tours.

We are really pleased to see our necklaces within the very exciting world of Cool Machine!!

Thank you Hélène and Edouard!


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