Recent exhibitions we have enjoyed

We love to visit exhibitions. Here are some recent shows we have enjoyed in London.

Betty Woodman at the ICA  (3 Feb - 10 April 2016)

Betty Woodman is an American artist who works across sculpture, painting and ceramics.  This show focused on work made in the last 10 years.  Woodman's clay work is bold and playful and holds a real sense of energy.  It is work that asks to be examined from different perspectives as patterns extend from sculpture onto painting and clay pot to plinth. It is ambitious and exciting work which is much better experienced in flesh rather than photo form...but here are some to give you an overall flavour!

Michael Dean at the South London Gallery (18th March - 22nd May 2016)

Michael Dean works across sculpture, photography, drawing and performance.

The South London Gallery installation leads the viewer on a different route into the gallery space, with the main entrance blocked by an assemblage of industrial materials. Holes in these allow tantalising glimpses to the installation beyond.

The sight that awaits is worth the detour.  The gallery space is a brighter white than ever, with brilliant white floor that curves into the walls to create an endless flow of white, drawing the eye away from the grand space and towards the array of varied sculptural shapes.  We loved the mix of materials - from concrete to rusted wire, paste, foam and found objects - all in combination creates an intriguing sight that you immediately want to explore and interact with.  Shapes are both linear and solid, angular and flowing.

This is again a show to be experienced (hurry, it's still on!)..but here are some images as a taster.




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